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Sideloader Hire in the UK

Uk Lift & Haul's fleet of side loader trailers offer a flexible and cost effective alternative method for handling shipping containers onsite. Traditional container handling equipment such as reach stackers, container fork trucks or straddle carriers are typically very expensive to buy, require expensive infrastructure to operate such as reinforced concrete and, without considerable expense, can only be used on the site at which they are operating.

A UK Lift & Haul side loader can quickly, easily and cheaply be deployed to lift and handling shipping containers at a particular site.

Onsite movements – If you are receiving or dispatching multiple shipping containers from a single site employing UK Lift & Haul could save considerable expense. Rather than keeping conventional vehicles waiting. UK Lift & Haul can transfer empty and loaded containers to and from other standard container vehicles.

Avoid expensive crane equipment – Mobile cranes are often employed to handle containers onsite. UK Lift & Hauls side loader can handle loaded containers more efficiently.

Flexibility – UK Lift & Haul’s side loader are road going vehicles so can quickly be deployed on to other work if there are no shipping containers to handle onsite. Depot bound equipment such as a reach stacker may sit idle doing nothing but still incurring cost if there are no containers to handle.

Infrastructure – A UK Lift & Haul side loader can operate on any reasonably flat and firm surface lifting loaded shipping containers to and from its own chassis, the ground, other vehicles or rail wagons. Expensive infrastructure such as reinforced concrete, railing or onsite electrical power is not required.

If you have a requirement for handling shipping containers onsite call UK Lift & Haul today to talk through the cost effective and flexible solutions we can offer. Call us now on 01702 546533.

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